It's good to have an ex-Yes man in your "space ramblings".

In about the span of a week, I wrote and recorded a new piece of music. The initial piece is relatively short (less than three minutes long), but as they say, it packs a lot of punch. I call it my "mini-epic" because in a short time, the piece goes through three distinctive movements that are very different with one another. The middle movement also has lots of layered tracks of keyboards and guitars and a powerful drum beat.

"Space ramblings" is the working title for the piece, (the real name should be unveiled as soon as I finish the final product). The idea is to release a version as a free-download single sometime soon. So far, the plan is for the piece to belong as a part of something greater (to be released later). I'm looking to generate some interest from fans regarding the new music. I think this piece will be well-liked and can serve as a reminder that I also have two CDs already in the market that are available through the internet all over the world. After all, sales of those CDs are what helps finance this whole musical thing of mine.

In the past, I worked with guitar virtuoso John Goodsall (Brand X). This time around, I enlisted former YES member Billy Sherwood to play the guitars on my latest music. Billy is a very talented musician who also happens to be a great producer and a great recording engineer. His first appearance with YES was on the album "Union", his last, was several years later touring the band's seventeenth studio album "Open Your Eyes". Since then, Billy made a couple of albums with Chris Squire under the "Conspiracy" banner. Later on, he started CIRCA, a band with Tony Kaye and Alan White (other ex-YES men) that also included Jimmy Haun on guitars (who also played on YES' "Union" album). And another short-lived band called YOSO (also with Kaye, Haun and Bobby Kimball from TOTO). Recently, he produced and played on John Wetton's latest album (as well as serving as co-writer in some of the material). Wetton's album "Raised In Captivity" should be out soon and also includes another hero of mine, Mr. Steve Hackett.

Billy is a workaholic if you've ever met one. His contributions to my music are brilliant and really helped taking the whole thing to another level. He was, as he put it to me, "a night owl in studio mode". His portion was recorded in just two days and just four days after I sat at the keyboards with nothing but a blank piece of paper in front of me.

I'm pretty pleased with the way things are coming out and plan to keep informing readers of the progress through this blog. The song is an instrumental (no surprises there). I've taken cues from the glory days of progressive rock as well as cues from things more contemporary with today's music. I feel that I have come up with is something that will connect with the fans of the genre (so let's hope that my feelings are correct).

As on this writing, I'm in the process of working the final mix. Unlike Billy, this process takes me some time to achieve. I have to make a mix, burn it on a CD, listen to it in the car, at home, at the office, etc. I then listen for nuances in the volume levels of the instruments and quite often, it takes me a few listens before I catch some glitch or something I would not be too pleased with. Billy can do that much quicker than I and he offered to help with the mix but, as some of you may know by now. I'm a control freak and I feel very close to this thing (I know, that could be a good thing or a bad one). I also like to make constant revisions and that would not be possible if I had Billy working on the mix.

Be in the look out for the release of the song as a free download and check in here from time to time. YES' latest album "Fly From Here" is about to come out and I'm sure I'll be writing about that.

Billy Sherwood strikes a pose
on a break during the sessions
for my project.


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