Brand X, a case study

For a couple of years I did a lot of work for one of my all-time favorite bands, Brand X. Back in 2009 I enlisted John Goodsall to play guitar on one of my albums. Three years later I was contacted by a promoter to create some promotional materials for a Brand X reunion that included members of the original band with David Sanctious as their keyboardist. That effort fell short of transpiring due to logistic issues. But the posters and advertisements that I did for it looked pretty cool and left an impression with the band. Fast forward to 2016 and the band tries once again to re-form, this time with a much better organization behind them. I got connected with the band citing the work I previously did for the failed reunion. We modified some of that artwork but more importantly I created some new pieces that the band instantly loved.  With that, a pretty good relationship started between Brand X and myself.

My personal goal was always to help John Goodsall and Percy Jones in getting ba…

The year after the hurricane hit us.

On August 27th, 2017 our house started to take water from what hurricane Harvey had brought. Within the next 24 hours we had about four and a half feet of water inside our one-story house. Needless to say, we lost just about everything we had. In regards to my music this meant the loss of five keyboards including a Moog and a Juno. A mixer, various analogue to digital converters, mics, computers, software, filters, midi devices, stands, desks, three drum sets, guitars and too many other things to even mention.

Our street was divided into people who decided to tear down their old houses and build new ones and people who decided to repair. It all boiled down to economics. Rebuilding from scratch meant to build a house that sits about three feet higher than before. New plans, and new everything but at a cost somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000. Repairing could cut that bill by half. Our roof was relatively new and when we got it done we also replaced the decking. The slab itself was …

Hurricane Harvey's devastation can't keep this old rocker down.

This blog is where I usually discussed anything related to my musical compositions, my artwork within the music industry and the bands that I know or like. This time I will expand on an event that at least for the time being seems like a life changing event. And yes, it has affected on my latest studio project which I just started to work on about three weeks ago.

Hurricane Harvey came into Texas striking the coast south of us hard as a category 4 storm. Then it decided to hang out for about 4 more days before slowly moving back out into the gulf and turning north at a snail pace and in between the border of Texas and Louisiana. In Houston we never got a direct hit from the storm. What we got was four days of what you would call the dirty side of the storm. The dirty side is the part of a storm that collects the most rain as it drags all of the moisture and sucks it into the center of the storm. Because of that, we got up to 53" of rain in some places in Houston. To put that into…

The story so far, a list of my music and the musicians who recorded it.

The late 2008 saw the release of my first album of recorded music. The music of Genesis was pretty much the soundtrack to my teenage years and as a typical teenager, it left a huge impression on me. So I knew I had to record some of their music alongside my own which was the base for my first release.
After that first album I decided to branch out into a wider spectrum of the music I love so much. In the process I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of my musical heroes as well as some very talented technical professionals. Bill Bruford, John Goodsall, Trey Gunn, Jerry Marotta, Billy Sherwood and Rick Wakeman are some of the musicians that have appeared on my albums. I have also had the pleasure of working with Abbey Road Studios, Metropolis Mastering and Tube Mastering (all in the UK), as well as Alien Beans Studio in the US. Andy Jackson who was Pink Floyd's primary sound engineer since 1988 and co-produced the band's last album worked on the mastering of my las…